Return of Simple
From the start, Return of Simple has created music that both the casual listener and the music aficionado can appreciate. This guitar-less trio of classically-trained musicians brings back a quality of composition that one could only expect from a group named after a Langston Hughes novel. Return of Simple was founded by Rob Kovacs, the “Best Pianist/Keyboardist in Cleveland” (Cleveland Free Times, 2008). An accomplished musician, Kovacs has extended his resume to include the positions of music director, accompanist, arranger, dueling pianist, lounge act, and even e-card composer. A career highlight occurred in 2004, when he became the first musician to ever perform both parts of renowned composer Steve Reich’s “Piano Phase” on two different pianos simultaneously.

While in Cleveland, Return of Simple released the Saffron EP, which has received positive reviews from a variety of media outlets. Tracks from that album have been included in heavy rotation on radio stations in the Cleveland area, and have been featured at Volkswagen’s auto shows across the nation. Currently, Return of Simple has made the transition to New York, where they now perform as a part of the Brooklyn music scene. They continue to perform Kovacs’ compositions, and are working on new music for an upcoming record.

The intricate details that make Return of Simple so – complex – have taken the band from Cleveland’s intimate coffee shops to some of New York’s classiest hot spots. Keep an eye out for this up-and-coming band as they prepare to launch innovative and infectious new material for the next decade.